About us

Elm Park Horticultural Guild



Established 1937

To encourage potential buyers and make the new Elm Park estate
look attractive, the developers and builders sponsored a “Best
Front Gardens Competition”. A Committee was formed of local
residents to administer and judge the event, and out of this “The
Elm Park Gardens Guild” was created.

In an effort to support a communal spirit, Flower Shows were
organized and trophies donated by, amongst others, The Halifax
Building Society, Messrs.Taylor Walker, and The Elm Park
Residents’ Association.

Our first Show took place on 24th April 1937. There were 15
classes in which members staged 47 exhibits. Summer and Autumn
Shows followed, held in school halls, (Benhurst and Ayloff), and
so began the Guilds history.

The following year, Shows increased to 4, each growing in Classes
and entries as new residents joined the Guild from the expanding
Elm Park.

4 Shows were planned for 1939, only 3 took place. The Autumn
Show was held on 2nd September, and the next day 3rd September,
the Second World War was declared. Although a token show was
held on 6th July 1940, the Guild went into retirement for the rest of
the conflict.

It was reformed and renamed “The Elm Park Horticultural Guild”
in 1948, holding its Summer Show in Benhurst school on 24th July.

During the 1950’s all our Shows were held in the Elm Park
Constitutional Hall. Since 1961 all our Shows had taken place in
the Elm Park Assembly Hall. 

As from our Autumn 2023 show all our shows will be held in                                             St. Alban's R.C. Church Hall in Langdale Gardens.

Between 1961 and 1976 the Guild held 8 Flower Shows a year, but this has decreased to 4 due to the lack of many specialist growers and exibitors.

The E.P.H.G. also offers other events for its members and has a busy social diary. It organizes coach outings to various famous gardens and places of interest, as well as trips to theatres and other places. The Guild also holds fun quiz nights throughout the year which are very popular social events. Non Members welcome

It has very well stocked Trading Huts which are open every
Sunday morning from which composts, fertilizers, canes, trays,
etc are sold to Guild members. The Huts are situated by the side of
Elm Park library in St.Nicholas Avenue, Elm Park, RM12 4PT. The trading huts are run by a friendly group of amatuer gardeners, a warm welcome awaits. We may also be able to offer advice, if in doubt please ask us.

The Elm Park Horticultural Guild is still one of the largest
gardening club or society in the country with 1000 households as
paid up members, (2023).

We like to think we are more than just a horticultural guild. We have been an integral
part of the local community for over 80 years.

New members are always welcomed and if you would like to join
the E.P.H.G., visit us at the Trading Huts any Sunday morning, or
contact our Membership Secretary . The yearly subscription is just
£ 3.00 per household, postage of £ 3.50 is payable if you live outside of our area to cover postage..

Trading Team: David Smith, Keith Leeson, Richard Mummery, Bernie Williams, Julie Wilkes